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Bridging and VST Plug-in Run Mode


        Bridging and VST Plug-in Run Mode

If you are running the 64 bit version of REAPER and wish to use older 32 bit plug-ins you will need to use bridging. By default, REAPER will attempt to work out for any plug-in that you use whether this bridging is required (Options, Preferences, Plug-ins, Compatibility). However, for any plug-in you can override this setting by right-clicking over the plug-in in the FX browser and choosing from the context menu Run as, and selecting one of three options which allow you to specify just how a plug-in is to be bridged. These options are:

Separate process: all bridged plugins for which this option is selected will be put into a single process, external to the main Reaper process. This has the advantage of minimising the resulting CPU load, but also carries a significant disadvantage: if one plugin is buggy and crashes the bridge process, all the other bridged plugins will die too.


Dedicated process: this puts each bridged plugin into a separate bridge process of its own. This will prevent a buggy plug-in from crashing the entire bridge, but it has the downside of increasing the overall CPU load.

Native only: is the default; the plug-ins are run inside the main Reaper process. Bridging can serve another useful function. Even though it is primarily intended for use with 32 bit plug-ins, you can if you wish also bridge (most likely in a dedicated process) any 64 bit plug-in. This has the effect of firewalling REAPER against any adverse effects that could potentially arise from a buggy 64 bit plug-in.

A further choice, Embed bridge UI, determines whether the bridged plug-in GUI is displayed in the FX Chain wrapper window (or as a floating window) or is displayed in a completely separate (Windows / OSX) window. The choice is provided as some bridged plug-ins behave better in one context than in the other. Remember! You should not store 32 bit plug-ins in the same directory as 64-bit plug-ins.


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