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KONTAKT .nki Instrument Presets

The KONTAKT sample library version available in .nki format can be used on Native Instruments KONTAKT full version v2.0 or above on Windows and macOS (Free Kontakt Player only will load this Library for 15 minutes in demo mode). Also is compatible with Ableton Sampler (Live Suite only, not Intro or Standard), Steinberg HALion on Windows and macOS as well as in Image-Line DirectWave Player for Windows.

Loading and Playing Instruments

KONTAKT offers you a number of different tools that let you keep track of your installed sampling libraries and their contents. Ultimately, they all have the same purpose: to let you locate and use any item you’re looking for as quickly as possible.

  • The Files tab of the Browser is a tree-based file system navigator that you can use to traverse the directory structure of your system volumes, browse the contents of any directory,
    quickly listen to samples, and select KONTAKT items for loading.

  • The Libraries tab offers a more streamlined and intuitive way of accessing commercial libraries in KONTAKT format.

  • The KONTAKT Database is a very powerful tool for managing large collections of Instruments, Samples, Multis and Banks in a non-linear fashion. It allows you to tag your items with freely definable attributes and rapidly filter your whole collection by means of keywords and attributes.

  • The load… command, which you can find in the Files Menu of the Main Control panel, will open a traditional file selector dialog that you should find familiar from other applications:
    load… command of the Files menu.We’ll limit the scope of this section to the second option: The Libraries tabs of the Browser. In order to find out more about the other tools mentioned, refer to the KONTAKT 4 Reference Manual.


Loading an Instrument Using the Libraries TabNKI Files - Native Instruments Kontakt

Let’s start by loading an Instrument! In this example we will use an Instrument from the Factory Selection Library. The following description applies to all libraries in a very similar manner, so you can use another library if desired.

  1. Make sure the Browser is visible on the left side of the main window. If it’s not, click on the button labeled Browse in the Main Control panel:Toggle the visibility of the Browser with the Browse button in the Main Control panel.

  2. The Library Browser provides access to all KONTAKT PLAYER libraries installed
    on your computer. To show the Library Browser, click the Libraries tab.
    KONTAKT PLAYER now displays all libraries as “boxes” in the Library Browser:

Two Library Boxes in KONTAKT PLAYER’s Library Browser

To load an Instrument:

-> Click on the button labeled Browse at the bottom of the library’s box. The library’s content will unfold and show all Instruments or sub-folders contained in the library: Click the Browse button to access the Instruments and sub-folders your library contains.The Factory Selection library contains numerous sub-folders, which are marked with a folder icon next to their name. They can be opened by double-clicking on them.

-> To get back to the parent folder, click on the first entry of the list, which is marked with an arrow:

  1. Double-click the Band entry.

  2. Once you’ve found an Instrument (whose filename will end with .nki) that you’d like to load, either double-click on its name or click and drag it into the Rack.

An Instrument Header with that Instrument’s name and some controls will appear in the Rack, indicating that the Instrument has been successfully loaded and is ready for playing.

To load a selection of Instruments at once, press [Shift]+click multiple nki files and drag them to the Rack.

If a dialog titled “Samples Missing” appears when you try to load the Instrument, it means that KONTAKT cannot find some or all of that Instrument’s Samples for some reason. In this case, either click on Abort Loading and retry the process with a different Instrument, or read the section about this dialog in the KONTAKT 4 Reference Manual to find out how to solve the problem.

Playing the Instrument

Once KONTAKT has successfully loaded the Instrument, it appears as a horizontal Instrument Header within the Rack, which indicates that it’s ready for playing. If you have a master keyboard connected to your computer, play a few keys now.

In case you’re using KONTAKT as a plug-in within your sequencer, you may need to put the respective instrument track into “record” or “monitor” mode first. Provided that you’re playing in the correct key range of your Instrument, you should hear its sound now.

If you can’t hear any output, refer to chapter 5 for possible problem solutions.

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